Hello Hello? “2”

Isn't that a good question?

Well, I was at Comic Relief for two weeks, having a ball and working on the designs for the Dubble site. I think I caused some problems, but it was for the best (trust me :D).

Now I'm holidaying it up on the lovely, sunny/rainy Isle of Wight. I'm staying at my Uncle's house and I'll be going into the nice town of Ryde tomorrow on the bus. I spent a pleasant day on Sandown beach today and got a bit red. I'm going home on Friday, which is when normal service will resume.

I've been taking loads of photos over the last few weeks, so expect at least some nice ones.

One thing which has totally ruined my holiday and perhaps robbed me of a good deal of money (a few dollars, perhaps) has been the mistreatment of my websites by my host, ScotReg. I always held them in high regard, but it's a bit of a disaster when you pay for something and your account gets cancelled. I had a little fit over the data, particularly the Buster Tests users and the Buster Studies articles, but I think it's alright. Nevertheless, as I have said before, it's a total nightmare when your site goes down. Really bad.

Oh, and I have been keeping sort-of-up-to-date with all of your blogs etc. Sorry if I haven't commented or my email replies have been super-short. It's because I wasn't in an ideal location to reply fully (work, or with family peering about). I'll probably do a little review when I get back and make sure I'm up to date with everything.

Anyway, I've had the time to bang out this post and another on something which I was quite excited to find out about. Read on, my friends...

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Blogger Leon: The main page is great. Now they just have to match it.

Too bad about the problems with the host. I was tempted to email you but figured you had heard plenty already.

You could do some of the surfing tricks you picked up from your last beach trip. Just don't end up surfing to France. :)

Blogger Fin: I'll try not

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