link How to hack a lift “6”

Hacking Elevators 101

Summary: if you want your life to go from where you get in straight to where you want to go, press the 'close door' button and your destination floor button at the same time. You won't stop for anyone else!

Can't wait to find one, now!

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Blogger Leon: Well, the link is down. You must have taken too many rides on that lift.:)

Blogger Fin: Lucky I did a summary - poor guy had too much success for his own good :D

Blogger Leon: It's back and kind of funny. I prefer keys though. I used to turn one off at work and it would ease down(hydraulic) a few feet. I had to put a garbage bin in front to keep people from falling in to the cab.

Blogger Leon: Success - yeah, who knows when we might need that tip.:)

Blogger Fin: There is a Six Feet Under where a guy dies trying to climb out, but the elevator lowers down and chops him up.

Horrific, but sort of funny because the rest of the passengers get sprayed with blood.

What a world we live in.

Blogger Leon: I haven't tried elevator pics but 'zen' at flickr has one of him laying down while riding. He took the photo in the ceiling mirror. That must have been odd and just think of the odd looks if he had been caught.:)

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