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Wow! It's only took 400% longer than I thought it would, but Buster Studies is now basically ready to go!

It even comes with a new article about managing your time. Please do check it out and the fancy comment display system!

Bearing in mind that these are better if you're a student...

I'm especially happy about my lovely new set of three document icons. These are crisp and clean and were actually fun to make. Blimey!

I'm suffering from some suspicious adverts at the moment which I'm not entirely happy about, but hopefully that problem will fix itself. Hopefully :)

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Blogger Leon: Looks good.

Blogger Fin: I've always wanted to try the large text/bold black white look. I like it.

Blogger Fin: It's also really, really simple.

The homepage is a bit messy at the moment, but once I have enough content it will be much clearer.

Blogger Leon: You know me and minamalist easy to use blogs. I like the Buster Studies design because it is simple and yet sharp looking.

Fairly busy pages like the Buster Tests index are ok for portals but not for heavy reading.

The ads aren't too intrusive once we get to the longer pages with ideas.

You're right. The homepage will look better when the content passes the ad sidebar.

Blogger Fin: Thanks Leon - I agree and I do hope that the ads become less intrusive.

I'll write a post about this tomorrow. Or peraps now.

Blogger Kevin: Blogger spam is dumb.

Blogger Fin: Easily removed :D

That's my first, you know.

Blogger Kevin: Isn't it past your bedtime, young man?

Blogger Leon: Fin: "I do hope that the ads become less intrusive."


Adsense: "Meet Sexy Nigerian Girls
Looking for Date Romance and Fun No Webcam Needed. Text Chat Free" (How To Study For GCSE page).

--I wonder what this has to do with Physics and Chemistry? :)

Blogger Fin: Oh dear.

Well the webcam part is Physics, and getting to know someone is all about Chemistry...

Blogger Leon: lol

Blogger Kevin: Although I like your left sidebar font, the image could be crisper -- at least on my screen.
Do you have the fonts anti-aliased?

Blogger Fin: They were heavily anti-aliased - I've cleaned them up now.

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