Katrina (the slutty version of the name) “3”

I was just on BBC news looking at the Katrina damage in New Orleans which is totally terrible. That's really bad (shouldn't have built there... just look at this).

But I have to say it hasn't affected me.

Nope, not me.

I'm in the UK.

Oh, hang on... Buster Tests is down.

[rings the new support number for the first time instead of spamming the help desk]


Unfortunately, it seems that there have been outages at my datacentre (or whatever they're called) and there's even problems with the actual Internet.

I was quite upset before the call, but once the [actually nice] man told me this I said, heartily, "alright... that's a good excuse... I'll let you off this time".

And so I did. I didn't even ask when it would be up next; it's alright if the rest of the Internet is having trouble, too.

Ahh... I can't even make technorati tags for this post :(

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Blogger Leon: Some butterfly in New Orleans flapped its wings in panic due to the Hurricane and the resulting psychic energy zapped your host...or something like that.

Pain in the parts though, huh?

Blogger Kevin: Marketwest is back up, at least!

Blogger Fin: All fixed, now!

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