Laaaaaandan and the Yankie Grub “2”

Alright well I?ve spent the day feeling like a long streak of cabbage, but I really want to get this post written and read.

I have had two major culinary discoveries over the past three weeks. They are all ones I wouldn?t have counted on being so great, or even happening at all. But they have and I?m sure one has changed my life.

Firstly, Kirspy Kreme. Well, what can I say? The Tescos in London stock them. Prominently. They look fresh. I had one from the Tescos in Trafalgar Square. I got the chocolate one covered in white icing, which looked exceptionally nice and quite different from any one I had ever seen.

It was really, really nice. I ate it while walking to Waterloo station (across the bridge). My only worry here is that, although I was walking and it might have been the exercise, I could feel something going on with my heart. It wasn?t love; it was more in the way of a coronary.

I think I had two of those in total over the two weeks, the second from a Tesco in Piccadilly, which was a bit of a find.

So in conclusion, it was nice but clearly bad for you. No more than one a week, but one a month is still probably pushing it.

Onwards and upwards to Subway. Recently, Subways have been opening up all over the place. They?ve even had adverts for them, and McDonalds and Burger King seem to be getting in a bit of a tissy over all of this sandwich nonsense, so it?s all the rage in their own advertising now.

I?m not going in to much detail here, but they are well nice. Chicken Teriyaki with cheese, lettuce and tomatoes with the onion sauce. YUM YUM YUM!

Had about four of those over five days. There?s one in Weston and I think they?re my new McD?s. Even though I realise that they?re likely just as bad as whatever McDonalds sell, but at least you can get something healthy and simple from them.

Yes, I can actually envisage myself having another one next week when I visit Bristol to take a look at the next piece of Hollywood comic trash.

Hmm. I feel much better now. That must have been bad to bottle-up or something.

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Blogger Leon: Watch out for those Krispy Kremes. OD-ing on those would be embarassing.:)

Subway is great. I like the chicken too. They used to have a special on Sundays: three footlongs for $10.99 the selection wasn't great but the price was. I would weat one there, one later and have one for breakfast.

Blogger Fin: That's a whole lotta sandwitch!

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