Lyme Disease “5”

After being bit by a tick a few months ago, I was interested to hear what Points West (our regional news programme) had to say about a new revelation that three people have been infected just down the road, the first in fifteen years.

Lots of scaremongering, no advice on how to protect yourself WHATSOEVER.

So I send this:
Did you consider dispensing ANY advice on how to protect yourself from tick bites, or even where the ticks are more likely to be on the Mendips?

Really, I would have thought that if you tell people to be cautious of ticks, you'd also give people a little advice to work with.

I really was expecting something to follow up on the fact that Lyme Disease exists around here.

I really wouldn't be surprised if you've put people off from walking outside now.

I do expect a prompt reply to this.
Yeah. That'll show 'em. I wonder if they'll reply?

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Blogger Leon: Yes, you'ld think they would cover that aspect too. To make a 'conversation piece' (ie - no substance) out of that type of story seems like something the tabloids would do.

Blogger Fin: Exactly.

Blogger Fin: It's akin to informing people they might catch aids, what it does to you and then not telling you how to protect yourself.

Blogger Kevin: Really, Fin, there's little way to avoid tick contact. Stay out of tall brush, wear long sleeves, etc. and buy repellant.
No matter how you prepare, however, the fact of the matter is that you'll have to check yourself thouroughly for ticks. They especially like warmer areas on your body, but I've had one in my hair before.
All you need for Lyme Disease is a nice antibiotic once you start getting the symptoms and you're normally fine. I've had it! No big deal!
Of course, my next-door neigbor when I was little didn't recognize the symptoms and had to be kept on an IV at home. Felt sorry for her, I did.

Blogger Kevin: Spelling error: "thouroughly" should read "thoroughly".

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