Microsoft Tests Personal Home Page “2”

Over at, Microsoft have been trying out a kind of personalised start page which is strikingly similar Google's Fusion.

Microsoft have also been keeping an MSN Spaces blog, very bloated, which keeps people up to date with's development.

While the code and layout used by Microsoft here is strikingly similar to Google's method, I'd like to point out that there are only so many ways of doing this kind of thing, and such ideas have been around for ages. Neither one of the two are really innovating, but I think that Microsoft's attempt is superior. For example with the MS attempt you can add or remove columns and minimise 'windows'.

Interestingly isn't branded with Microsoft or MSN logos, only a link or two. Is this a new minimal design strategy?

I use the Google page and think it's alright - nothing is particularly special about it because I prefer to go to a specific website which has more detail. Well... I use it, that is to say I don't actually use any of its features and just have it as a home page. It's grown well in the last few weeks, though.

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Blogger Leon: I just use the standard Google page. It is simple, looks nice and I am one click from the news.

Blogger Fin: I love Bloglines. I really do.

I just seem to catch a bulletin at dinner or night for that kind of thing, and if I want more I'll go online to BBC News.

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