More4 is coming “0”

Channel 4 have done it again, solving gaps in my television viewing time I didn't even know I had.

They're about to launch a new channel called More4 on digital, cable and freeview (digital terrestrial) on October 10th at 8pm.

Great thing number one

There will be a special extension of Channel 4 news, excellent and a personal BBC replacer, which promises to bring new and challenging perspectives on events at home and abroad. Excellent; it's an early Newsnight, but I hope it's a lot snappier.

Then they'll be something called The Last Word at 11pm (past the time I am expecting to say up - I'm trying to cut down on awakenness :D) which is a funny talk show. So so, looks good.

Great thing number two

After having all the links being sent to me by Kevin and seeing lots of the bits of the show for myself on other blogs and thinking it's very funny indeed, The Daily Show by John Stewart is coming to the UK with a one day delay (understandable).

I'm really looking forward to watching this, and am frankly impressed by the one day delay. If C4 could bring shows like Lost and Six Feet Under up to that standard, I wouldn't be so scared to go on the 'net to find stuff out about them.

Great thing number three...

...would only be a great thing for someone like me. The More4 (or MORE4) logo is snappAY!

It's a clever design that I expect will have a lot of movement to it. Not sure about the thin text, but I hope their idents will be quick and cooool.

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