Odeon's Advertising “3”

I was disgusted to sit though 25 minutes of advertising after paying more than £4 (about $7 USD) to see the Fantastic Four.

Why should I have to pay to see a movie which is supported by advertising?

A message to those in the film distribution business: one or the other. Either:
  • we pay to see a film with no advertising, or...
  • we see a film supported by advertising for free.
It's wrong to have it both ways, and quite demeaning to the audience in my opinion.

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Blogger Leon: I hate the adverts! I stare at my pop until the stupid things are done.

30 minutes of ads plus 20 minutes of previews equals someone who has too pee during the climax of the movie!! Not nice at all.

Another thing I hate are the ads themselves. "Oh look, pantyhose. You better rush out and buy some Mildred. I'll save your seat."

Blogger Fin: I thought some were quite ridiculous this time.

Blogger Kevin: That is precisely why I hate the movies. And, in the United States, they extort you at the concessions area.

No outside food or drink, and that'll be $5 for a soda.

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