An Organic, Delicious, Healthy, Smoothie. “3”

As part of the Online Potluck day, I'd like to share with you a very nice formula for making a really cool drink. They're lovely on hot days, and are quite straightforward to make.

Firstly you need to secure your ingredients: blackberries, strawberries and a pot of raspberry Organic Yeo Valley Yogurt (450g). Firstly, I understand getting that particular brand might be a problem, so you can replace it with whatever pot you like, but keep it light, natural and good for you. Blackberries and strawberries are best bought from farmers markets. Leave them to ripen so they'll be sweeter when you come to make the smoothie. Make sure they're washed and cleaned out, remove the green bit of the strawberry and put in the freezer four hours before making the smoothie.

Now to be honest the ratio of my ingredients changes with the availability of the fruit, but I would say add a small handful of blackberries, a small handful of strawberries and about half of the 450g yogurt will get you a decent portion. You can also just throw all of it in and save some for tomorrow.

You can use either a big blender or just a hand one, mash up the fruit first just so it's pulpy, and then add the yogurt and blend it all up. Make sure it's very well blended before serving neatly as shown.

Clean up before you drink it to be able to enjoy it fully. Also, enjoy it in the sun.

You Know You Want One

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Blogger Leon: Oh Yummy!! I could almost eat the pic too! Linking now.

Blogger missweb: I discovered this summer that the secret to a great smoothie or margarita is to freeze the fruit and then you don?t need to use ice. Now I have spent the summer searching the markets for very ripened fruit that is ridiculously cheep (pineapple for 89 cents, CRAZY) and have filled my freezer so that I can enjoy smoothies and frozen drinks all year long. I would really recommend adding frozen bananas. They taste GRRREAAAT!!!

Blogger Keith: Sounds (and looks) delicious! I'm going to whip up some soon!

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