Petrol Prices in the US “5”

I just watched a news report on the hurricane in the US.

That's a real sad situation. They were talking about how it might affect petrol prices, and they said it might even hit 45p a litre.

If that is some kind of high price of petrol in the US, and the country have been moaning before at a presumably lower price, you need to get a grip!!!

We pay 90p + a litre. It's high, but no one complains. It's quite heavily taxed, but that's a good thing, and the majority of drivers don't give out about it!

Ugh. There's so much more to this but it just makes me angry so I'll leave it.

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Blogger Leon: American prices seem funny. I have relatives who travel to the US to load up on fuel. Canadian prices are a pain. Gas is high and the tax hurts.

Blogger Kevin: Fintan -- we have to drive farther because our country is bigger. Hence it hurts more

Blogger Fin: STAY AT HOME!


Blogger Kevin: Some of us have "real jobs"! Silly Brit!


*gasp* You used all-caps! Are you flaming your own commenters?

Blogger Fin: lol

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