Procrastination “4”

I'm researching an article I'm writing for Buster Tests on procrastination.

I'm looking for how you deal with it, if you do at all. Do you recommend any good websites? Tips? Techniques? Anything like that would be great. Just leave it as a comment on this post if you like! I'll make sure you're credited and all.


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Blogger Kevin: Deal with it? Ha! I embrace it.

Without justification.

Blogger Leon: Me too. Sigh.

Blogger Fin: LOL This isn't looking good :D

Anonymous Dominic Foster: Hi,
I'd been procrastinating on starting to blog for ages. When I saw that problogger was going to post blogging tips for the whole of August, I thought that August would be the month to start blogging seriously - and to post about it.
I guess it's still a work in progress though ;)

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