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Phew. I've just spent the last couple of hours engineering a new little feature inspired by Firemind which allows people who take a Buster Test to publish their results on their blog.

It's fun, free and painfully flexible. It wasn't easy to make this work, but I'm quite sure it's bulletproof. It even decays sort-of-gracefully. Dunno about Safari, though :D

I had to try loads and loads of techniques to make this work. The one I ended up using is the least obvious, and is simply the result of playing with the code over and over and over again. As far as I am concerned, that's how one learns to do something well, and there's nothing wrong with loosing time to such things.

I was just about to publish this article when I found another problem, and became quite the stressy Bessy for half an hour while I tried to solve it. This better work! Update: it didn't, and suffered from an IE bug. Agh! Well, I redid it and think it's nearly sorted now. Long test names do it in, though.

So try a test yourself (click on the test title shown below to do an easy one) and see for yourself.

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Blogger Leon: It looks great. I updated the post with my test results. The only difference between my banner and the one you posted is 'results' is dark and invisible for some reason. The links work though.

Now Bustertests can out do Quizilla and similar sites. Who says quizzes have to be about which smurf you resemble? :)

Blogger Fin: lol well, funny you should mention smurfs...

Blogger Leon: After all that testing I am starting to see smurfs.:) Remember, tests about frisbee appreciation.

Must go recharge my brain cells...caffeine...

Blogger Fin: You can see the effects of the changes I made to the code after doing the penultimate revision of the post on another of my blogs.

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