Quick Update “2”

Well I'd just like to say sorry for no posts over the last week, I'm not really able to post that much.

I'm working with a charity here, next to where James Bond works! Amazing! See MW for details.

I also took the tube the other day to the place the Brazilian got shot, but I didn't know that's where it happened untill I saw a camera crew shooting (pun! ahahaha) a report from the very spot. Rough area.

Scholastic or something will be printing one of my pics in an article about Flickr.com and students. I think they're some US thing so I don't know if that's big or not. Will someone tell me?

Going to an exhibition with the New Media crew this afternoon. Have a nice weekend all!

p.s. Don't forget to sign up with Buster Studies admin and if you feel the slightest hint of an article coming on, write it down. I'll edit, expand and publish it for you (and credit, link and buy you something nice if it does well).

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Blogger Leon: I had to move the map around to recognize where you are.

Scholastic is all over the world. I remember their catalogues/magazines of books when I was in school. Good stuff was to be found there. Great about the pic.:) Googling will bring up the name.

An exibition? - all that culture.

Blogger Kevin: Hey! That's London!

I'm such a genius.

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