Review: Charlie and The Chocolate Factory “2”

More exceptional film making from Tim Burton and company.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory is the best film I've seen all year. It follows well in the footsteps of Burton epics such as Edward Scissorhands, rich in visual detail and full of powerful storytelling.

When I saw the film I was in quite a grumpy mood, but the film is such a powerful one that both sad and funny parts of the film are brilliant.

Issues of poverty and loneliness are dealt with quite skillfully by Burton, and the comic edge of the film, which is a great part of the picture, is truly sharp. One acronym: LOL.

The film got a good number of laughs, cheers and sighs from the audience as far as I could tell (although they weren't my first concern), but I thought everything was hilarious, and was surprised that a good deal of the jokes and entertaining nuances included in the film weren't grasped my most people. I'm talking about very subtle things, where simply the choice of shots is clearly deliberately meant to be funny.

Charlie and The Chocolate Factory seems to have a mixed sense of Internationality. Despite being set in some industrial English town, the currency is dollars, and both American and German currency is used. I was a bit annoyed by this at first (just get it right, ya?), but I think since many countries use dollars as a currency (not necessarily the US), and the film contains a very broad set of characters for a children's film, it's quite alight.

Depp preforms excellently, with a fresh and bubbly pace.

In fact, all parts of this film are brilliant. All actors pull their weight nicely, Burton directs masterfully, Elfman composes with his usual flair and the CGI and cinematography is excellent.

Go and see it while it's at the cinema. Your inner child will love you for it, and you will emerge refreshed.

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Blogger Leon: So was Willy Wonka played as Michael Jackson - as one critic complained?.

Blogger Fin: It really was - I was thinking that all along.

However, Willy Wonka came before Michael Jackson['s pr]. Which is the chicken and which is the egg?

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