Selling Internet Services to Teenagers “0”

Teenagers might be well aware of what the service of a mobile phone network is, but how can we be sure they understand what an internet service is, and what it means for them?

It may not seem an issue, but in the quest to make Buster Tests as likeable as possible among its fifteen- to sixteen-year-old audience, a special approach must be taken to make the website seem as useful as it is.

One of the services behind Buster Tests is the Revision List. This takes the user's results from a test, and based on questions that the user got wrong, puts specific points onto the Revision List.

This might not seem all to clear to some of the Buster Tests audience, so to make Revision Lists stand out and appeal to the user, they are 'sold' as a product, as opposed to the service they are. We can't be sure they understand what exactly is it, but we can try to show it to them in a form they might recognise.

Buster Tests - Revision List IconThis is done by the Revision Lists icon, a visual identity which makes the software appear like any other tangible product which is being sold over the web. Follow this up by a firm placement on the front page, a clear 'free' icon and the general presentation of a cheery product, and the existence of Revision Lists are much clearer.

The visual approach is also much wiser when marketing to teenagers or children of any age; it takes the weight off of the brain and allows the service to appeal to simple desires. Additionally, it isn't hard for the user to register for the Revision List. Clicking on the advert on the front page takes the user straight to a short and simple registration page, which can also be filled out with little thought.

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