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Anonymous Rob Lewis: Some nice tips and very concise, thanks!

Blogger Fin: You're welcome!

Anonymous DE: Thanks for the tip since I use blogger you can onlt put the ads in the side bar.

Blogger Shirazi: Nice tips. But what I see is that as readers are getting savvy, they dont click on the ads even if they need to know what info a particular ad is offering. No?

Blogger Fin: @DE - You can put ads after items like this one if you include the code in the < ItemPage > tag.

@shirazi - I don't think so. I do think users develop ad blindness quite rapidly nowadays, because most ads look alike. That's why you should follow the Google Heat Map and try to rotate the colours, and make the colours of the titles the same as your link colours. It all helps.

Anonymous Oskars: Is it really truth that visitors click more on ads on the left side of a web page than on the right?
It seems that it is easier to click on the right side of web page.

Blogger Fin: I'm experimenting with that right now. I'll be sure to report back the results.

Blogger rosemichelle: I'm not quite sure how to use the google heat map. Are the dark orange areas where visitors look at the most. Also I have an Adsense Tips blog as well. I would appreciate you taking a look and then getting back to me with any comments or suggestions. Thanks for your contribution to the online community.

Blogger Techmaker: This is a great post. Thanks for sharing such good info with all the blogging community.

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