Simple Chemistry “5”

Alright, this is probably quite a good measure of how good you are with science generally.

Guess the elements (well... try not to guess if you can help it!)

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Blogger Leon: I guessed on Aluminium but still got 90%. I would have gotten 100% but there is an error. Gold is Au not Ag

Woohoo! I passed my first Buster test.

Blogger Fin: Well done!

And you're right... changes have been made :D

Blogger Leon: Writing a post about it now.:)

Blogger Kevin: A*
Excellent! Well done!
90% - 100%

At least you didn't ask what the name was for "S".
Sulfur? Sulfre? Sulphur? Psulfer?

Blogger Fin: All valid if you're a victorian...

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