Google & Physics “1”

You can use Google to help you with your Physics homework. Or, you can use it to work out your exact (depending on how accurate you measure your mass) GPE. That's gravitational potential energy.

First find the gravitational potential of a point on the surface of the earth, then work out your mass in kilograms, then pump it into the grand equation. It even shows you the correct unit!

Keep in mind significant figures (because 11 stone isn't exact, I should say my GPE is 4.4 × 109 joules). Blimy! That's loads!

Amazing! How about the GPE of a 450 kg satellite on Earth?

For the sake of grand correctness, you'll need to stick a negative (-) in front of your answer, because you have to work a lot (4.4 × 109 joules in my case) to get out of Earth's pull. If it were positive, you'd be thrown away from earth rather fast. I think. I left out the negative bit in the equations because it isn't so much fun to know that.

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Blogger carpet123: oh yeah...
I'll take your word for it; at least I know im safe from having my head above the clouds.

(cheers+semisanecomment=thanks for the only sane comments on my blog!)

PS, now thats an equation!

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