iPod Nano - Thoughts & Review “4”

Cor blimey!

Apple have replaced their iPod Mini range with something even smaller and even more expensive! Amazing!

iPod Nano White and BlackWell... actually it is amazing.

When the size of the new device in question actually clicked (I don't think their site does a good job of that), I quickly inhaled and said the usual "ohmygod" quietly under my breath. I was surprised!

For me, this is both a good product and a bad product.

It's a good product in that it's tiny, looks great, probably works great, and is likely to fit anywhere, including the tiny pocket found on the right pocket of jeans (which will help me when finding money or glasses).

It's bad product because it's a lot more expensive that the Mini just for the same kind of space. The technology for this has also been around for quite a while; it's simply taking the mobile part of mobile phones and replacing it with better flash memory (available for ages in the form of CompactFlash 4GB cards). Now that's quite expensive, so I expect memory to be the source of cost here.

But, as I am now learning, 4 GB doesn't seem like enough. It's starting to get to me that I can't transfer ALL of my music to the 'pod, so I certainly won't be going for one of these.

No, I am waiting for the next iteration of the bigger iPod. Apple has done quite a bit with iTunes, and now they know that there are many people out there who are going to have a bigger collection that 4 GB.

If Apple can come up with a smaller, lighter version of the 20 GB, it's mine. Believe it or not, I think 20 GB it pretty much a limit for me.

But that's what I said about the 4 GB Mini just a few months ago.

Overall, well done Apple. It's yet another considered product, but I'm not quite your buyer.

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Blogger Kevin: I was so sad! One of my non-tech friends got to this before I could and I was actually unaware for a day or two.
This never happens. I'll have to reattach myself to the computer, I suppose.

Blogger Fin: WOW

Now that's heavy.


Blogger carpet123: kevins story tis similar 2 mine, we had no internet for 5 days, and I was really behind on my gadget news. All my friends, the new, media and even Steve Wright on BBC radio 2 knew about the new ipOD, but i didnt :-(

Just for that, Im getting one!!!

I have always wanted an ipod since ages ago and made my mind up when the rumours started flying that I WOULD BUY IT NO MATTER WHAT!!!

Please read the post of mine below for my "iPod Saga".


Blogger Fin: Might I call your attention to the first line of this article: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2005/09/14/review_ipod_nano/

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