My New Bike “4”

Whoooo! I've gotten my lovely, fantastic, terrific new bike. It's a hybrid model, it's blue and it was built for me by a nice guy in Cheddar.

It's really worn me out just going around the area on it, and I simply can't do the hills I live on yet. My legs have been like balloons and my bum hurts a lot.

So I'm going to get some nice cycling shorts, gloves and shades ready for the Monday morning journey to Churchill. This is costing more and more, but I'm enjoying it.

One great new thing I've discovered is that now I can use the direction and strength of the wind (as seen on the BBC site) to my advantage. If it's going in the right direction, good. If not, I'll try to get a lift.

If something's not quite making sense here, it's this. I didn't get my usual free bus pass to school this summer, so I've had to buy a bike to get to school. I can get lifts, but I get moaned at for doing so.

I'll try uphill cycling a bit more tomorrow to try to get used to it. Hopefully I'll be ready by Monday.

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Blogger Kevin: The stronger your legs become - and the more endurance you develop - the easier I'm sure it will become.
On the other hand, if you can get a partner to ride to school with, it will make it much easier to ride against the wind taking turns riding in front.
That comes from one time watching the Tour de France with my cyclomaniac friend.

Blogger Fin: LOL cyclomaniac... I'm going to steal that one!

Blogger Kevin: Yeah, I made that up.

Blogger Leon: You will be getting in shape now. It will be tough at first but will get easier.

My mom used to put her exercise bike in front of the tv. It helped when she road the real bike. Put your bike on a stand and pedal when you surf. :)

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