My Provisional Driving License “1”

Whoop! It's finally come!

My picture is pretty good, and I even got a bit of a smile in there!

Tomorrow I'm going to phone up the local driving instructor and start taking lessons, I really can't wait!

I also have to begin to study for the exams. One of my friends randomly gave me a theory book full of questions and answers for the theory exam when I bumped into her the other day. Two problems solved there, methinks!

Whoo! I'm really excited about it now!

I am really enjoying cycling into the sixth form, though. Cycling back is like an Olympic-level work-out, but once it's over I feel extremely free to eat whatever I want for the rest of the day.

Cycling might make me fat.

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Blogger Leon: Fintan on the road? Woo Hoo! You'll have fun learning.

"Cycling might make me fat". - lol

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