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I've been cycling and I've also noticed I've been getting really, really hungry, and am probably eating twice as much as I was before I was cycling.

I don't want to keep on having to eat all of this sugar and fat to satisfy me, so I am about to engage in a grand scheme of eating. It will start as an experiment, and move to a regular pattern if it is successful.

Googling about, I have found recommendations that eating little and more often will keep the hunger at bay and help with your metabolism. Now, I'm the first to say that the Internet is pants and that this might go against my intuition of eating, but I already eat like this, except for the little part.

I'm going to ramp up the sessions where I am eating not so much (break time, when I get home) and eat less when I usually eat loads (dinner time). This means that I'll be getting six meals a day which are roughly the same size. I'll also have to regularly eat a decent breakfast.

I'm going to engineer them so that they cater to what I'm about to do next, for example, breakfast is going to be complex carbohydrates and some sugar (for the trip in).

I'm also going to more or less force myself to stop eating the sugary crap I do each day, the kind of crap that is abundant at my school. It simply can't be doing me any good, even if I am burning it all off.

Instead, I'm going to prepare a few sandwiches in the morning and have them at break, when I get home and in the evening (around 9pm), which is when I usually lay onto the shit.

Yes, I'm going to call it that because I want to emphasise to myself that it is quite bad.

I'll make a trip to some shop to buy everything I need a week in advance tomorrow. Perhaps I'll cycle to Budgens on the way home.

I know exactly what I'm after as far as the sandwiches are concerned; really high quality stuff, rich in seeds. There is a sort of bread you can get which is stuffed with seeds and is so moist you don't need any butter at all, so I think that's the one I'll go for if I can find it.

As for what goes in the sandwiches; I like the idea of lettuce and turkey, but I don't mind experimenting here. The simpler the better. These sandwiches need to travel.

This blog post was the result of me putting off stuff. Back to work!

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Blogger Leon: eating little and more often - this is supposed to be the best way to eat. When I do this I feel better. I have to maintain the discipline or I starve and overeat. Then my eating is out of line and I feel listless.

Keep an eye on your weight. I became an exercise nut one year at uni and ate lots of small meals. When I missed meals due exams etc I got sick because I was underweight.

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