Video Lovelies “1”

I'm gearing up for the filming of three adverts, part of my media studies coursework, which'll showcase educational software entitled... wait of it...'buster'!


I've been testing out some great software, and can now share with you two lovely demos of my work so far.

The first is a kind of sneak preview into the ad, except a picture of my friend is used instead of video. Watch it here. It's quite short, so try dragging the time thingy along to see what's going on.

The second is a quick look at the heavily-rendered environment of the final screen, with the word 'buster' on display. The actual final things will looks quite different, but here you can see the style emerging. Watch it here.

I will be sure to post the final thing up after it's been marked and moderated, and I might also be making my own version specially for 'Buster Tests'.

As I develop these adverts, I'll probably also upload any cool clips I make that are worth sharing.

You'll need QuickTime 7 to watch these two clips (I love QT much more than Windows Media or Real).

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Blogger Leon: Qt or Real for me.

Usually my player stops after a clip but with these it shuts down. :( I see a brief flash of Buster and then nothing.

Keep at it and make Buster a star.

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