The Driving Contines “1”

Well I had my second lesson the other day, and I'm still liking driving.

A little less, though. I'm not so good at controling that clutch, and apparently I do everything too fast. Driving on a proper road on the way to Clevedon was like a living nightmare, I was very worried I was going to hit other cars. Steering also seems to be getting me down. It's rather hard to come out of a T-junction and keep to your side of the road AND push-pull steer AND keep it smooth.

Damn you, GTA III!

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Blogger Leon: I learned on a standard and it helped in the long run. If you can handle a standard in intersections and so on you can do most things in a car. Grinding the clutch is a time honoured student driver tradition. Like anything it takes practice.

I used to worry about the ditch so I eased away from it and would hear: "easy, stay in your lane".

Ah, you're hooked.

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