I'm turned into a vegetable “1”

I really have.

I've got a cold or something similar, so my ability to do anything other than snot is severly limited.

However, something amazing, fantastic and wonderful happened on Sunday which I did want to share (and I meant to right away, but I was all up on sugar, then came the cold...)

I won an iPod Shuffle! Yay! £70 of cool electronics is no small prize, and I am extremely thankful to all the people who chipped in for it.

Why did I win this, you might ask? Well, a quick trip over to Market West will explain that to you in much more detail, but it was basically because of my Media Studies coursework (see an image from it on Flickr, the whole thing [with dodge colour reproduction for some reason]).

I got some amazing feed back from the judges and about a million photos were taken of me. My cheeks still hurt from the prolonged smiling!

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Blogger Leon: Woo Hoo! Congratulations Fintan. That image is cool and took loads of work. Now you have to spend time with your shuffle and a down comforter and a few quid worth of vitamin c. :)

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