The Mac shal be Mine! “2”

Alright, I've decided. I'm going to go for the £900 iMac G5.

I think it's a great deal, and it's right for so many reasons. Not least because I'm going to be doing computer science and it runs unix apps, or that I'm a web designer and it's kind of the industry standard, or that I'm using video more and more and it runs it very well indeed WITH a remote.

It even comes with wireless, so I'm going to get a new router and modem after my move from AOL to PlusNet.

I'm working out how I'm going to raise the funds now. Luckily for me I've sealed two website deals which should bring me up there quite nicely, along with an AdSense payout and the returns for a website which as been done for a while now. I also expect a contribution from my parents, but that'll be a challenge!

It'll sill be a couple of weeks, though. I have to get one of these sites done fast before I can get it, and I'm sure that's going to be the Spanish property one. It's going to be interesting...

Update: I've just placed a call to Apple in Cork (lovely people always) and they've told me I get a 17.5% discount because I'm in further education! Yaaaay! That's VAT off! Whoooo! That's £134 off!

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Blogger Leon: Mac Attack! Getting the discount will be nice.

You will be busy before you get it but that just means its a reward for all the work.

Blogger Fin: Absolutely! I've got three outside websites on this week! (but I quietly like it)

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