My First Driving Lesson “2”

Wow. Today I had my very first driving lesson, and it was pretty much amazing.

I love driving. What can I say. I really, really had a good time. I think I progressed quite well, and I can't wait till my next one.

It was two hours and, just to put it out there, was £42 (quite average).

Great stuff. Anyways, I would like to point people to a little something which I produced today.

I've written a test for driving theory on alertness. Please do go ahead and take it and see how far you get. It would be interesting to see how you did, especially if you are a licenced driver or not.

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Blogger Leon: Cool. You are hooked now.

I must remember something from years ago. I scored 84% and my wrong answers were partly due to comparing your system and ours. The roundabout and parked car ones I think.

Anonymous Will: 84% but I didn't realise that a couple of the questions required multimple answers, other than that 100% correct. Phew.

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