There Goes Odeo “0”

Kaplunk! It was a nice try, but too little too late.

Odeo, the web-based podcasting manager, has just opened itself up to the public. Nothing has changed since I tried out a closed beta, even though there were claims of the "Syncr" being improved.

This is quite sad. I really wanted the whole Odeo thing to get going and work well, just like Blogger and all of the others. But it's not going to happen.

You can tell from the distinct lack of interest in the web community. No one is talking about it. Not even the podcasters!

The podcasters are wrapped up in iTunes, and rightly so. I've found it to be a near perfect podcasting receiver, and Odeo simply has no chance of topping it.

But what can Odeo do with all of their new user base? How can it use their new audience effectively?

In short, by turning Odeo into a well thought out directory of podcasts. Don't just think about the "directory" part of that statement; this needs to be a well thought out one! Right now podcasting is screaming out for one! Gap in market alert! iTunes is only good for searching, Podcast Alley is a totally rubbish sell-out and Odeo is simply useless.

What is needed is a way for new and existing podcastees to find good new shows which appeal to them. This will help the podcasting community grow; making both audience and producer happy. The way this is executed, however, is tricky.

I'm tempted to do it myself. There are a number of simple techniques one can employ to allow users to find what they want, fast. I won't go into them now, but just look around you. You'll find them.

Oh, and God knows why Odeo was named a "breakout" company by Fortune. Methinks there were a few back-handers there. Either that or the journalists were on crack.

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