Caught Farting “0”

The Killer Looks On In Silence “0”

Morning Shine “1”

Ahh, mornings.

Failed To Export The PDF File “1”

While doing my Media Studies coursework I found that Adobe InDesign wouldn't export the file to PDF.

Oh No!

Not to worry too much, though. Although the problem is hardly documented at all, and newsgroups pay off big on this one, I found that my problem could be solved quite simply.

All I needed to do was to check that you haven't rotated any images with transparency within their bounding box thing. You can rotate the actual bounding box itself, but not the transparent image within.

Hope that helps - I nearly had a hernia when it happened to me.

No More Adverts “0”

After having a total cracker of a time showing adverts on TRC, I've decided to remove them.

They're annoying, large and simply unnecessary - I could have easily found the $1.26 (or 67p) on the floor of my bedroom. And that's 67p anyway? Nowt!

So off they come. 12 clicks and 3,562 impressions since September 7th, with a 0.3% clickthrough rate.

Never mind - Buster Tests is doing rather nicely on the advert front. I-ve just discovered how I can make the ads even more 'clickable' (a tactic I didn't employ on TRC, but really should have). It's all in the colours, and making the advert text look no different from normal text. The orange borders and greyed out text really weren't working, and now I can see why. Pink and blue! That's the way forward!

Happy Val Day! “0”

It's late, I know. :)

Interesting Statistics “2”

Via Popbitch...

A recent survey in America showed that 36% of high school students think newspapers should get government approval of stories before being allowed to publish.


Hop Along “0”

A Dark (Yet Light Polluted) Night “0”

Oh, Wales.

Lone Tree “0”

A la Six Feet Under.

I love that show so much. Channel 4's showing the first season (which I missed) and it's just SO brilliant! I'm gonna get it on DVD...

Flicker in the Wind “1”

Oh, what fun. KITES! YAY!

A Windy Day “0”

Oh, it be windy. Let's get out the kite...

Badly Planned Bristol “0”

I spent the evening in Bristol, without my camera. So I used my phone, instead!

That theme being crudeness, I think I'd like to share a short story I found with you from B3TA. Ahh, b3ta.

I remember this like it was yesterday (even though it was about 12 years ago). I was bashing away in my living room to the video to Come Baby Come by K7, with my parents in the next shitting room, fer chrissakes (this must have been during my 'horny as a dog' phase). My mum walked in, I covered my shame with a nearby cushion and hoped that she didn't notice. But she did.

Only she didn't think I was wanking. If she did, the story wouldn't have been half as bad. No, she thought I had taken a biscuit from the kitchen, and thought she'd engage me in a bit of jovial tug of war with the cushion covering my rapidly shrinking penis. This went on for about 30 seconds, her laughing as she tried to shed light on my supposed theft, me terrified I'd flash my mum and she'd find out I was flogging the horse to a music video.

Eventually, she noticed the sweat dripping down my forehead and my teenage grip won out against her maternal tugging. I turned away, cock still hanging out, and ran down the corridor, laughing maniacally. To this day, I don't know whether she figured it out or not.

Now if that's not funny, I don't know what is...

Pancake Day “0”

I hope you all had lots of fun, stuffing your faces. That's a sin, you know!

You know, it IS meant to be a religous day...

"Two Lovely, Young Ladies, Please." “1”

It's vile, but true.

I am aware of a person who goes into a bakery near to where he works every other day, and asks for "two lovely, young ladies" in a very polite and respectable manner. He is, of course, referring to the item above.

What's more disturbing is that the person behind the counter knows what he's on about.

Why don't you try it for yourself? I have to say, they are rather tasty.

Skype Me, Damnit! “1”

Skype is a free internet calling application. All you need is a microphone, internet connection and some speakers.

It's rather good - if not a little nerve-racking, and the sound quality can be very good. They are right when they say that it "just works" - it really does very nicely. And for international calls, you just can't beat "free".

I'd really like to be able to make audio posts to this blog with it at some point. Sometimes, words just fail me.

I'd like to speak to some of my readers - so go and download it. I'll be sure to have it connected as much as possible. As a bonus, you'll get to hear me say my last name. "Oooooohhhhhh"s will follow.

My username is ifwded. I've already had two Polish people phone me up.

A Fantastic Kind of Error:
When EdExcel Got It Horribly Wrong

Originally, in the prized subject of a RE (Short Course) I was awarded a D.

I really couldn't care less - I will confess to you that I didn't revise for the exam and really didn't care much about it at all.

Prior to the exam I had been revising for my history exam, specifically the American West and the Native Americans. In the exam there was a nice little question about describing a world religion except Christianity. I choose to describe the religion of the Native Americans as it was fixed in my head (it was quite a good one, too), and I couldn't accurately talk about any other (I would have surely mixed up the facts and concocted a messy super-religion). Based on this question in particular, I thought that the D was certainly acceptable.

But that's not how in ended. Our school have been fighting what seems like an uphill battle to get those papers re-marked, because all the scores (not just mine) were well below our expected grade. They have been jumping through numerous fences, and finally have had all test papers re-marked by EdExcel, after one of the RE teachers approached the chief examiner of RE for EdExcel and brought the subject to the top.

The vast majority of the school went up one grade or two. I went from a D to a B.

That is absolutely horrendous. EdExcel have really messed up here.

Just to point it out:

  1. Re-marking papers costs LOADS for an entire year.

  2. Some people's lives could have been strongly changed for the worse because of these mistakes: people who had to go to Weston College instead of Churchill because they got ½ a GCSE less than the required (which is what the RE Short Course is worth) will almost certainly have lesser prospects than those who got in, and had a better education.

  3. Additionally, people may have not been able to get certain jobs (like jobs to do with the general public) because they did not have the RE GCSE, or even one GCSE less than the required amount for an application to any job.

It really isn't good enough. Our school has requested a formal complaint, but I want the head of EdExcel to come into our school and personally apologise to the entire year.

I also want the media to be all over this.

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