The New IKEA Catalouge “3”

I've just had the new issue delivered and am enjoying it immensely. I am desperately trying to find a nice colour combination to paint my walls (which is ironic, considering I use colour heavily - in what I would hope to be a masterful way - all the time).

link Kevin Smith “1”

I like this guy's photos, and blog in general.

Why don't you read down a little... :D

Stardust Sky “3”

Back at Sandown “2”

The Downside of Results “2”

Despite having been really happy with my results, I can't help but feel shitty.

But why exactly is this? Well, when humans get nervous and tense, and have to face up to a big reality such as results, the adrenaline starts pumping. I can liken it to being backstage just before a drama performance. Unfortunately, I seem to get it about five times worse than others, backstage or otherwise.

Adrenaline is just like any other drug in that you can get hung over from it, and coming down makes you feel somewhat suicidal. Well, for anyone else it might just mean they don't have a constant smile on their face, but like I've said, it make me feel a bit shitty.

Never mind. It'll be gone by tomorrow. :-)

GCSE Results Day! “3”

Well, what can I say? We got the results of our GCSE examinations here in Somerset today, and I was well nervous!

My results were really good in the end; in fact, they were much better than I had expected! Which is great. We also got a really nice free class photo to remind us of... er... the "good ol' days".

Damn, Estelle! “0”

I really like this new track (well... new to me) by Estelle called 1980. It's a perfect rap tune, so download it, listen to it, and then if you like it, buy it!

The Mantic Sun “1”

Pointing to the Sky “0”

From the Isle of Wight, near the fabulous Baywatch Café.

I can feel my goddamned fist against your face! “1”

I've just taken a break from the Olympics on BBC 1, only to see a new (by my standards) band named "V" preform.

Could "V" stand for Vadge? Or perhaps the more proper Vagina? In this case, I suppose it would be "Vaginas".

They ripped all that is holy from the Michael Jackson hit, "Can You Feel It?" with a cover of the same name.

But it's hardly a cover: more like some kind of overproduced slurry of unoriginal vocal talent.

Can I feel it? Can I feel it!? I can feel my goddamned fist against you bloody face, that's for sure!

I surely do hope they don't make the big-time and never are allowed onto any form of mass media (ESPECIALLY the kind that I pay for - the BBC!) ever again. Now, everybody, let's all hope they find nice jobs as strippers or waiters or something like that once their career caves in on itself and the drugs scandals emerge (go HEAT! Do your job and dig up the dirt!).

Medal-tastic Day for Team GB! “0”

It has been a fantastic day for the GB team today at the Olympics.

Emms and Robertson received silver in the badminton mixed doubles final.

But what's more impressive is the guaranteed gold that sailors Shirley Robertson, Sarah Webb and Sarah Ayton are due to receive from a Yngling class win. They still have to do one race, but whatever their result they will walk away with gold medals.

These new wins don't have an effect on GB in the medals table until the sailing team are awarded their gold. When they are, we should be catapulted to 16th place (a vast improvement on our current 25th).

Equestrian Eventing pays Twice “0”

The British equestrian eventing team has won twice today.

Firstly the mixed team won a bronze in a gripping finish, while Leslie Law won silver on her horse, Shear L'Eau.

It was dramatic, but the wins bring the Great Britain score up to two silver medals and four bronze medals, placing us 24th on the Medals Table at the end of Day 5.

We're in for a few more medals this week, notably a possible gold from the GB badminton pair who have made the finals and are guaranteed a silver.

A Question of Chimneys “1”

One of the stranger spectacles of Blackgang Chine is the chimney collection. It is disturbing, but what's more disturbing was my brother, who was convinced it was a gigantic chess piece display.

But thinking about it, I wouldn't put it past them.

Blackgang Chine's Only Asset “1”

Blackgang Chine is not a particularly nice place. Well, it wasn't when I was visiting.

Nevertheless I managed to get a nice landscape shot, with the Isle Of Wight's 'Needles' in the far background.

Alison Williamson wins Bronze at Archery “0”

The Shropshire primary school teacher has won the bronze medal at the women's individual 70m event.

In a dramatic final, Williamson was tied with Chinese Taipei's Shun Chi Yuan 97-97 with just one bow left.

Williamson managed to score an 8, while her opponent scored a 7.

This brings Team GB to 27th in the Medals Table. Will we be able to stop getting bronzes at this Olympic games?

Helen Reeves wins Kayak Bronze “0”

After a moment of confusion believing she came fourth in the kayak singles final, Reeves was awarded a bronze after France's Peggy Dickens was given an extra penalty.

This gives the UK a boost on the Medals Table, standing tall at 24: 1 silver, 2 bronze.

Steve Parry Wins Bronze “0”

Parry - BBCStephen Parry has won Bronze in the Men's 200m Butterfly Final.

He was beaten by Michael Phelps (USA, Gold) and Takashi Yamamoto (Japan, Silver).

He has set a new British and Commonwealth record of 1:55.25.

It was a very close swim; Parry was steadily challenging Phelps for Gold until the last 25m, when Yamamoto slipped by to claim Silver.

This new medal brings the Team GB to 22 on the Medals Table.

Olympic Madness! “3”

For some reason, this year I am really hooked on the Olympic Games in Athens. I don't know why, but I just seem to think that it is really interesting.

Unfortunately, Team GB isn't doing too well at the moment, with a poor 17th place on the medals table, with only one silver. Well I'm expecting a whole load more coming our way, so GO TEAM GB!

As far as online coverage is going, the BBC really is doing well with their site. All the other sites I checked out, which included ABC, CBS and MSNBC and ESPN are rather poor.

Funnily enough, the American sites seem to be rigging their medals tables to place the USA higher up than other countries. While on the well thought out BBC table they come 7th, on the ESPN table they are listed as 3rd. This is because ESPN and other American sites consider all medals won to be equal in value (clearly flawed thinking), while the BBC places priority for gold, and then silver, and then bronze.

Sandown, With Man and Cliff “1”

Sandy Sandown “0”

Sandless Sandown “0”

I'm Baaaack! “1”

At least one tone darker from the sparse sun on the isle, I have loads of pictures to stick up here. I'll be doing that bit by bit over the next few days.

It was a rather good holiday, but hardly anything special. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Off to the Isle of Wight “1”

It's nice to say that I am going on a little holiday. To the Isle of Wight no less, which should mean that I have a nice, relaxing time.

It was this time last year at Sandown in the IoW that I caught my ear infection, and have had something wrong with my ear ever since. I have to urge people: don't go in the sea! It's not worth it!

This means that I won't be posting for a week, although I will try to get to a computer to make a remote post (you know; just to keep you up-to-date).


Isn't it Pretty, Buster? “2”

Oh yes, it most certainly is!

The best part of the photographic countryside year has come, as far as I am concerned. That is, apparently, when they cut all that long grass that's hard to walk through and make it into nice-looking hay cilinders.

Oh good, creative joy. Below you'll see some of the photos I have worked hard on to take and pick out of a staggering 114!

The Secret Viewpoint “1”

The Contemporary Countryside “0”

The Valley and its Hay “0”

Looking From Hay “0”

Book Review: "Want to Play?" by P. J. Tracy “6”

This book is absolutely amazing. It is the first proper novel I have ever read, and also the first thriller I have ever read. I can honestly say that I am now hooked on the genre thanks to this book.

I have to say that I don't know all that much about reviewing books, but I can thoroughly endorse and recommend this one to anyone above the age of 15.

Why? Well, it is terribly violent, the plot and characters did challenge me somewhat (but that's reading and comprehension, which I am rather bad at), and the entire subject of serial killers, hermaphrodites and such and such. Anyways, I consider those as positive things when it comes to stories.

The plot is brilliant. This is simply a real page-turner. It builds up tension really well, and the killings are described excellently. All the characters are mostly believable, and the ending is surely one to wait for. Not that you won't be very entertained throughout the book.

The start is shocking, the middle is exciting, and the end is literal ecstasy. You will love it!

The cover is also quite good, and so is the quality of print (which I always pay attention to). And the plot involves computers in a (mostly) realistic and exciting way! It's brilliant! What more could I ask for in a book?

Oh, and in the USA it is referred to as "Monkeewrench" - which I believe is a hideous title, nothing like the brilliantly named "Want to Play?"

Haircut! “5”

Whoop! I got my haircut (finally!) and really don't mind the results.

I kept on saying "shorter", "shorter", "shorter" to the hairdresser until the eventual "whoa! Too short!" came bursting out, but I was rather anxious to get rid of that old barnet of mine. Now it's nice and short and army-like. Which makes me feel good about myself.

Well, whatever floats your boat, I suppose!

Midnight Lightning Storm - II “1”

I learn today, while reading the newspapers waiting for a customer, that a boy of 14 was killed by the lightning (which occurred across the country), and some unrelated girls were injured.

As you will understand, I am going to be posting as much as possible to lower the former article down a notch or two, out of sight. Oh, the shame.

Moral Sin “5”

Well, work at a local shop is really starting to heat up. Well, perhaps not.

Being behind the till allows you a rather interesting glimpse into the goings on of the general public. I have to say that the location of this shop means that most of the general public are generally geriatric, but nevertheless we still get a few 'red herrings'.

My first, and personally most prominent, mistake of the day was to issue the wrong lottery tickets to at least 2 old-aged persons, for which I may bear an eternal moral sin. I just hate to upset them, you know. But the problem is that I usually work on a Saturday, which means that there are loads of people coming in, and asking for a "lottery ticket" or a "lucky dip" - basically a line of 6 numbers chosen randomly by the lottery machine, costing £1.

I ask "for tonight?", and am almost always replied to with a "yes" (or "yes, please" if it's a nice old lady or man). But I was in Saturday mode this morning (7a.m. onwards) and so when designating to the lottery machine what day they would like the ticket for (either Wednesday or Saturday), I just pressed the button twice, like always.

One press means "Wednesday", a second "Saturday". So a few of these old people were getting the wrong ticket or two. But only a few. People will notice and, hopefully before what is now one hour and seven minutes away, bring the ticket back and demand for an exchange. And that shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

To be honest, they still have equal chances of winning, and should they win on Wednesday (but find that their ticket is invalid for that day), they can only blame themselves. They didn't check the ticket before leaving the shop. Well, some did. But they didn't notice - which further goes towards my proof.

Anyway, all they ever do is bring it in and ask me to check it. I have had them come in and ask me to check their Lotto tickets before, only to discover that they aren't valid for another 3 days or so. And mostly, they don't care. And, always, they can't even remember why, and put it down to a fault of their own.

Additionally, I can always say that they told me to select Saturday. There is no proof!

A few other things happened today, but while confessing this most horrible sin, I have to admit that I have forgotten them. And this sort of thing happens all the time.

Midnight Lightning Storm “5”

There was an amazing lightning storm last night at about 3 a.m. It was really interesting to watch, considering that I haven't seen one for ages (at least two years).

Another New Blog! “0”

Buster's Blog is a new blog to document and talk about all the changes and developments at Also, in the event of a education scandal (which usually occurs every few months in the United Kingdom), I'll be able to talk about it there.

Fit for a 'Congratulations' Card “1”

Do you have any idea how hard it was to take this picture? Let me give you an idea: very. This is one of about 15 tries.

Simply Sunset “1”

Alright, I realize that sunsets might become a little boring after a while, but when they are like this, they really should be shared.

Absentness “2”

I've just arrived back from a one vacation to Surrey (UK) to see family. It was rather uneventful, but it should explain why there haven't been any posts all week!

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