Christmas Comes Early “9”

It's here. It's finally here!

Broadband has come to Blagdon, and more importantly, to me!

It was touch and go setting it up to start with - the installer made a few mistakes, but a few phone calls to AOL support (which I have to say it top quality) fixed it for me.

I've gone ahead and bought the 2Mbps package, and I have to say that it makes the internet a whole lot friendlier. It's no longer a pain to download movies, music or files, which saves a lot of time and makes the experience much jollier.

A Healthy Countryside “1”

My New Laptop “1”

At last! The time has come! I have gotten a laptop!

I've already got it up and running, which is really great. I used it to teach in the web design club I am running after school every Wednesday, and it really does make a difference when it's combined with the projector.

Christianity for Numbnuts “2”

Ahh, let's all take a peek at the horribly biased Christian cartoon.

CLAIT or CLIT? Hmm... “1”

I have recently been made aware of an amazing IT qualification.

It's called "CLAIT" and stands for Computer Literacy and Information Technology.

Firstly, that doesn't even make sense.

Secondly, usually acronyms leave out the "and", and therefore CLAIT should really be CLIT. But we couldn't have people going around with qualifications in CLIT, could we now? (and I don't mean Classical Literature.)

Finally, the advert I saw for it (on a jobs TV channel) has the moxie to say that you can do the course "with minimal computer knowledge". Cheers to that, then.


I have recently discovered a new and distinctly American channel appearing on digital satellite entitled The Wonderful Channel.

I have never, ever, seen such a disgraceful, inglorious use of the media.

It is so absolutely disgusting how they use Christianity as a facade to get hold of (probably poor) people's money. I am utterly shocked at how they shamefully exploit the religious beliefs of Christians to make themselves more powerful.

I honestly think that this is a really worrying use of the media, and hope Ofcom close it down soon.

Give us your money and you are guaranteed to go to Heaven.
- A summary of all "The Wonderful Channel" programming, (Sky 637)

Every time I turn on the Wonderful channel all I see is request for money, NOT for charities or homeless people, or community or good of any kind. Oh no! All this money is entirely for The Wonderful Channel, which really deserves it, given that it say things along the line of "gives us some money and you will feel better", and "Satan has made you poor and cursed your money, give it to us and you will rid yourself of Satan."

Why not take a look at the libidinous bravado for yourself? Sky channel 637.

I would hope they go to hell, but they probably don't believe in it…

One Seriously Bad Chat Guy “0”

I was just trying to find out some information...

ChatAgentUK011: Welcome to Member Help Interactive. Please present your question, and I will be with you in just a moment. :)
FintanDarragh: Hi I would like to know which dial-up price plan I am on now that I have upgraded to broadband (which hasn't arrived yet)
ChatAgentUK011: To protect you & your account, I need you to please verify the last 4 digits of the credit card/ debit card/bank account you are currently using for AOL payment.
FintanDarragh: ok...
FintanDarragh: the last 4 digits of my bank account are: ####
ChatAgentUK011: Your order is in process
FintanDarragh: hello?
FintanDarragh: ok
FintanDarragh: so what rate for dial-up am i on?
FintanDarragh: do i pay per minute?
FintanDarragh: or is it unlimited?
ChatAgentUK011: Yes.
FintanDarragh: which?
FintanDarragh: ?
FintanDarragh: i had better go...

AOL Muck Up “2”

What an interesting picture/text combo.

New Websites “4”

I'm surprised that I haven't mentioned this here yet, but recently I have designed two new websites.

They both have reasonably similar designs, but for a reason: they're easier, faster, and make the web page look like it has more on it.

Christine Cross Photography

A Christmas gift to my photographer neighbour.


Our Young Enterprise company. We're making and selling customized tee-shirts. At the end of it you get two GCSEs in Enterprise and something good to put on your UCAS application form. Great! I, naturally, am doing the marketing.

Google: "More Evil Than Satan" “0”

That's one powerful statement.

Why not do an MSN search on it, and see if it carries any truth?

Nowt Much “1”

Aaah. It's getting quiet here are TRC.

There are good reasons, however. Work is overwhelming at the moment, and I am having to pay particular attention to my maths AS. I had a test on it the other week and got a... well, I won't say here for the shame of it, but let's just say it was utterly upsetting, especially after all of that hard work.

Pff. Yeah. Whatever. I'm doing pretty well in chemistry at the moment, however. I got an A in an organic chemistry test the other day (oil, etc.), and a B in the inorganic one (which is quite a feat, apparently).

A public speaking event is looming, where I will be taking the role of summer-upper, giving the 'vote of thanks'. It's a debating competition (at it's lowest tier, too). Our chosen topic is 'youth in the media', which should prove to be entertaining.

Thanks very much, dear. That was a really nice speech, and had loads of really interesting points. Well done.

I really hope we go up to regional level. I'm going to hire a nice suit for the event, and get a hair cut. I's so determined to win it I might even resort to flirting with the judges. Let's just hope they're female...

Fireworklets “3”

Bonfire night was brilliant! I took loads and loads of pictures, the best of which I've posted up.

Towering Fireworks “1”

Burning A Guy “0”

Remembering the British Empire “3”

Grunge “1”

A structure at a derelict quarry in Surrey.

That Dirty, Dirty Race! “3”

Apart from Father Ted, there is one good thing on tonight:

Channel 4, 8.00pm, Monday 1st Nov
The Dirty Race for the White House
Political commentator Peter Oborne visits America to assess the nation's democratic credentials ahead of the forthcoming presidential election. Joining the campaign trail, he discovers that the process is something of a sham as the most ill-informed people in the country ultimately decide who is to become the most powerful man in the world.

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