link Strange Random Web Page “2”

How odd. I don't even know how I found this. It's is, predictably, about Big Brother. I'm not sure if I should laugh or just stare at the screen...

Big Brother: The Saturday Challenge “4”

The result of the first saturday 'task' was that Kitten doesn't get her case of clothes. Until she gets out. So now she has to scab clothes off of the others.

That's interesting, because during the challenge she was trying to be all 'cool' by not going into the diary room and taking part. So she voted for herself, inadvertently. To be honest, I don't really like her now. She's too radical. She's only been in there one day, and has already tried to start a "mini-revolution", as well as this.

Big Brother UK 5 “1”

Big Brother is shaping up nicely. I think the well engineered range of contestants are all geared up to clash against each other, and the new house is going to (hopefully) drive them nuts.

Good. I wanna see a punch up.
Favorite Contestant so far & why: Marco; he's loud and funny. Hilarious.
Most Hated Contestant so far & why: Ahmed, Stuart; both are a bit pompous, and have probably been put into the house to make us feel like that towards them. But we will have to see.
Extra Contestant Commentary
Kitten seems decent; Nadia as mad as any other Portugese woman and Dan is strange. I am expecting a clash between Victor and Jason. But who really knows?

It's only been less than three hours, so my opinions are likely to change very quickly. I've decided to get into Big Brother this year, despite exams, so I will probably be making quite a few posts about it soon.

It Begins With "I"... “0”

I really like close-up shots of living things. Here is yet another one, which grows on our wall? Á la Rolf Harris, can you guess what is is yet?

The WJEC English Literature Exam “0”

Ahhh. This exam was probably the hardest one I'll get throughout the exam season. It was horrible. Simply, simply, horrible. I can not express how much I hate English Lit. exams. Why was it such a bad exam?
1. It's an English exam.
2. It's a literature exam.
3. The questions were ones I had never done before or seen before (a.k.a. worst case scenario).
4. It lasted two and a half hours.
5. My hand got tired after 10 minutes of writing and became mostly useless for the last 140 minutes.
6. There was a morbidly obese invigilator (cheating preventerer) which was distracting my by walking around. I also believe that she had her own inter-stellar strength gravity field. Maybe.
7. I couldn't even fit all my books on the desk thing.
That's not even all of it. I can't remember the rest. And I only slept 2 hours the night before.

Just a Thought “2”

I has just occurred to me that perhaps I should stop posting pictures of flowers up here. Well... we'll see.

Why, God? “0”

Revising for English is an extremely boring task. I have hardly done any for the English Literature test we have tomorrow on 'Of Mice And Men' and 'An Inspector Calls'.

One thing I will be sure to do, however, is cram as many notes as possible into the two books we are allowed to take into the exam. Let's hope they're handy!

FLWR. How Cool. “0”

Yet another pictues of some pretty flowers. Just to liven things up a bit...

Preparing For English “0”

Even through I have a Spanish reading and writing exam tomorrow, I am only revising English. I think that I can rely on my creative side to come up with some interesting words for the spanish exam. But I really need to get a good grade in the English GCSE, so I am starting to concentrate on that.

Learning Japanese “0”

I would really like to go to Japan one day, but first I feel I have to learn some Japanese. A class of animals learn Japanese. You don't need to understand the language of the orient to get a kick out of this animation. Give it a while, though.

The WJEC ICT Exam (Part II) “0”

Oh well - at least it's all over. I think I did well but you just can't tell in these sorts of exams...

The WJEC ICT Exam “0”

God help all of those who are taking this one at 1.30pm today.

Filled with strange questions, aged diagrams and information and generally an appalling exam for the subject, the WJEC ICT Short Paper 1 H is something that even the most up-to-date techie may or may not excel in. Why? Because of it's non-uniform answer patterns. People may very well know the answer to the question, but is it what WJEC think is the answer? That's the difference between a "C" and an "A*". Unfortunately.

Spanish Listening F “0”

"F". That's the killer here. I've just done a foundation tier test in which I have to listen to a tape of people speaking and answer questions on a paper. Luckily, it was quite easy.

But the fact that is was a foundation test (my only one... well at least I think) was made very apparent by the following printed in large black letters on the last two blank pages.


Really? I hadn't noticed.

More Natural Things “2”

"Gut Rot 2" “0”

It's been less than a week, and with all that time when I am meant to be doing revision, I thought I may as well make another stick man fighting movie.

Now this is only my opinion, but GR2 is FAR superior to GR1. Its has 3D rendered backgrounds, sound effects, music, titles, visual effects... even GOBLINS!

Now you just can't argue with that, can you?

If you want to comment on the movie (and by all means, do) just make a comment on this post.

Getting Thicker “1”

Wow. I just did the BBC's Test The Nation interactive quiz, and got an IQ of 108. Supposedly, at least. I mean, I've had higher...

Gurt Lush Coulds “3”

There's a nice image for the day - to balance off that one of those spiders.

I might go off to give Blagdon a photoshoot in a bit - preparing for a new, ingeneous website which will help loads of local businesses.

Loads of Baby Spiders “1”

Just in case any of you ever wondered what they look like... here you are. They just appears out of nowhere, and there are loads of them.

My dog licked about half of them to death but then got a bit stressed out that they were gathering on his beard.

Oh Dear “0”

I just did a Chemistry mock-GCSE paper and got a B. Not good enough. I mean I know all the answers but the paper isn't, in my opinion, clear enough. I'll just have to cheat in the next mock I do then...

Darts “1”

The other day I learnt how to play the great pub game that is darts. I have to say that I love it. It really is fun. I can't wait to get my own dartboard in my own room now. Perhaps that will make revising easier...

Country Daze “1”

It smells of pig poo here in the tranquil valley. This pretty picture fails to capture that sour, musky smell that magically closes all the windows in the area. Which is lucky for you, really.

Slacking “0”

Today I went into school to try to do some revision, but it is still very hard to get my head down for more than one hour.

So instead I went off and sat on a big hill next to the school for about 5 hours, which was nice. I would have taken a picture, but I didn't have my camera on me. I will next time though, as the view was really nice and panoramic.

Another Team Player “1”

"L.R." aka "Missi R" aka "walrus" has become the new contributor to ://Serial Liar.

She is a bit mental so she should be perfect!

The Valley of the Half-Dead. Nice. “1”

Fear them. It may very well be a stunningly nice day today, but I can tell you now that half the people in this valley are either dead or on their way out.

Why? Because I spiked the water? No. Because there's a nuclear powerplant nearby? No. It's because loads of old people move to this place all the time. Loads of them. Now I have absolutely no problem with that or them, but it is a bit of a fact.

The Sigh of Relief “1”

Ahh... there we go. That spanish oral is out of the way. At last! It was very stressful, and half the time I didn't know what the question was so I can't really be sure about how well I did. Probably badly, though.

Oh well! My next exam is a spanish listening test on Monday, followed by an ICT test (hier I'll have you know!).

I sure am looking forward to next week!

Yesss! “0”

"Gut Rot 1" has made it into the SFDT archive, and is a SFDT PICK!

That's brilliant. You can see so on the new movies page along the left hand column! It currently has a rating of 6.57, which means that I would really appreciate it if more of you voted (positively) for it!

Horah! “0”

At the dead of night, my latest project (which will hopefully turn out to be funny) has been created!

:// Serial Liar aims to help your understanding of serial liars by becoming subject to an intense set of lies. Let's hope that your experience with this blog is a pleasant one!

I have already started it out with two compulsive fibs, about the afro-ledgends that are Mavis Beacon and George Foreman.

My Nerves Are Killing Me! “0”

I am really nervous about this Spanish oral I have tomorrow. The main reason is that it is my first proper GCSE exam. The secondary reason is that I am not spanish. But really the fact of the matter is that I haven't really revised for it at all. It's so hard to sit down and practice it.

My alarm clock is set for 8.00am tomorrow, and the exam is at 10.10am. Hopefully, between 8 and 10.10 I'll be somehow fluent.

Nip/Tuck Is Brilliant! “1”

Does anyone else love Nip/Tuck? I thought that series one on Sky One was amazing, and really can't wait for the next series. I think that is coming out next year.


I only just found out that I have a oral Spanish GCSE exam on Wednesday! *scream* That means that I have to learn loads and loads of stuff to say to our teacher (this guy who looks like John Peel, in mi opinión).

That's just terrible. I am going to have to spend all of tomorrow going over it now. Es mal. :(

At 16 You Can... “0”

Accodring to Connexions' interesting guide, at 16...
  You can have a full time job if you have officially left school.
  A boy can join the armed forces with his parents’ or carers' agreement.
  You are free to live independently, subject to conditions being met.
  You can buy cigarettes and tobacco.
  You can have beer or cider whilst eating a meal in a restaurant or an eating area of a pub, outside of the bar.
  A male may consent to a homosexual act if he and his partner are over 16.
  A girl must be over 16 before she can legally have sex with a boy.
  It is illegal for a boy or man to have sex with a girl under 16, even if she has agreed.
  You can ride a moped of up to 50ccs.
  You can have an abortion.
  You can pilot a glider.
  You can marry with your parental consent.
  You can apply for your own passport.
I can't wait to get into that glider!

Now Hang On... “0”

Sorry I completely told a lie: Life Is Beautiful is on tonight at 12 on C4. Bargain.

I Hate "Without A Trace" “0”

There is NOTHING good on TV at all! The highlights of tonight include The Royle Family, while Channel 4 seem to be making a go of Without A Trace. Which is a load of s*ite.

Oh and there seems to be some kind of film on tonight called True Identity. Well I've never heard of it so it's probably not any good.

Perhaps I should just read...

Every so often there are some really nice sunsets to be seen from my house. This is a prime example of one of them. I took it a few weeks ago with my new camera, and have clarified it somewhat for extra effect.

There could still be better tonight, however...

"Gut Rot 1" - Stick Man Movie “0”

I have just finished compiling my new stick man action movie, Gut Rot 1. Some people are really into this stuff, as you may notice from the likes of SFDT.

GR1 has very little plot - it was basically me playing around with Flash for a while, and is actually just two movies slapped together to give the impression of a story.

Although the action is over more or less in about 10 seconds, there is some great stunts performed - and some bullet time thrown in for added wow factor.

Next I plan to do a sequel (perhaps entitled "Gut Rot 2"???), with loads more action, a bit more of a plot and a more manageable filesize. Still being on 56k is a bit of a crippling thing, you know.

Please leave comments about the movie on this post. I am always happy to hear from people - and would love some suggestions, or things people would like to see.

Invisibility Cloaks! “3”

BBC News Article - I want one. Now.

Isn't Biology Boring “0”

Some subjects are quite strange. They can be interesting in general, but just boring to learn. GCSE Biology is one of them (but is only slightly interesting). GCSE Economics is another.

Biology just so boring though. Look at me; I'm writing a blog entry just to put off doing more on 'Hormonal Coordination'. I simply can't be bothered.

But when you are presented with this as a bullet point on a 136-page specification:

define hormones as chemicals released directly into the blood from glands: insulin from the pancreas, testosterone from the testes, oestrogen from the ovaries, progesterone from the ovaries and placenta, follicle stimulating (FSH) and lutenising hormone (LH) from the pituitary gland (B1.25) would be bored too.

*sigh* back to work then...

I think the West has been blessed recently, as far as weather is concerned. Literaly, here in Somerset, there is only one cloud in the sky.

The unfortunate thing is that I am stuck indoors revising. What's worse is that the subject is Biology.

Ugh! Gross! “3”

eBay Item - "10 Gorgeous assorted belly bars"

Completely 100% Minging.

Totally Random Site - May “0” - How odd.

From now on, there will be at least one totally random site brought to you. But let me assure you, the sites will always be interesting (or, at least, remotely interesting).

A Great Mag, Slowly Sinking “0”

PCFormat is heading downwards.

The reason I say this is because of the terrible, terrible page design that they call a 'new look'. gruesome colours, ill-placed graphics and ugly, misplaced fonts all play a part in this.

Now you may think that the page design of a magazine isn't important. It's the words that count, right? Well, perhaps. But more often than not, it all comes down to design. I won't go into this now, but I am right.

If you happen to have PCF 161, you may wish to, for example, turn to page 110 & 111, be sick all over it, rip it out, and then feel that you have done a justice.

On page 5 (or 005 as it likes to call itself) in tiny text, they do say that "Annelise has worked 8 days and 9 nights to bring you the glorious new surroundings you see these words in. Rubbish".

Perhaps they already know this then.

Good, Old Sayings “1”

Take a look at this great site: Inspirational Quotes
I demolish my bridges behind me...then there is no choice but to move forward. -Firdtjof Nansen

Damn right Firdtjov.

Half-Life 2: A PR Disaster “0”

I haven't even finished playing the first game yet (well it is quite hard!), but I am really looking forward to the release of Half-Life 2.

Even though the project has been plagued with problems (e.g. the source code being 'stolen'), I anticipate its release. But that is no thanks to the way Valve (the developers of HL) have handled the situation. HL2 is, literally, a PR disaster.

But we all know it is going to be a really great game (game of the year, of course!). Don't we? Well it might have been impressive last year if it were released on time, but now I am not so sure.

Since last years' E3 loads of really impressive games have come out, each with their own little technical marvels to have an oggle at. HL2 has dug its own hole by moving the release date forward - what it really needs to do now is to fill it up with magical, impressive features. I sure do hope they can do that.

We still don't even have a release date!

The best site to look at is, in my opinion, They provide seemingly really up-to-date news and views on the game and the community. Personally, I can't be bothered to check it every day or even every week. Just a quick peek every now and then does me fine. The reason is because the news is always the same. HL2 is not out yet.

These are my two best pictures for today. In the first you can see my dog, Buster, bombing it down a path at like 100mph. In the second you can see a really nice and detailed picture of a flower thing.

Although I have already done quite a bit of revision in preparation for my GCSEs, I have to say that they is still lots left to do.

There are a good few sites that are really helpful. My three favorite are:
BBC Bitesize Revision - Really only useful for tests, and then if you don't get something right it a test you go back and revise it. But it's teaching skills are a bit feeble.
S-Cool - A decent, solid revision site.
School History - Really amazing site for history revision. We are doing two comparatively 'rare' topics (Crime and Punishment, The American West), but it still manages to provide quite a bit. And it's fun.

There are plenty more out there, though...


This is my fabulous dog, Buster. He is seen here posing in his favourite field after running quite a bit. Buster is a pedigree border terrier and, no doubt, the best dog in the world.

Now THIS is a good photo. It just shows how nice today is.

I NEED A Moblie Phone “3”

Try Here - The Orange Shop

I am starting to feel like I am missing out on something here. Even though I prefer not being able to be contacted at all times, and only having to answer the phone at home etc. - I would actually quite like to discover the joys of texting.

And a Nokia 6600 or N-Gage or 7250i would do me fine!

Today in the UK the weather is really nice. Everything is sunny and happy. More or less.

It's kind of a time for reflection, but I really don't have the energy to do such a thing so I think I will just take a rest.

The Eurovision (Part IV) “0”

While I am still here, I might as well make the announcement:


There. How exciting.

Their entry consisted of (as TW put it) 'Xena Warrior Princess', and was basically porn to any leather fetishist. All I fully remember is leather, powerful dancing and fire. Sounds a bit like a nightmare, really.

Well at least they have 'UK' in their name... and 'RAIN'. Hmm... strange that...

The Eurovision (Part III) “0”

Sweden got my vote.

And I believe she deserved it! Quite a clever tactic, that. (Sending out a voluptuous woman dressed in red, with nicely supported balloons...)

I am slightly confused by the line dancing thing during the voting break, though.

The Eurovision (Part II) “0”

Oh... and Isn't Terry Wogan just shining on this program.

(After the FYR Macedonia song 'Angel Si Ti')
What was that about? - TW

The Eurovision (Part I) “0”

A Nice way to start this blog off...

It may very well be all good and happy to see overfriendly euroites dancing around together, but why OH WHY do they need to sing in a weird half-English half-Dutch/Turkish/German language???

What is the point in that? It just leaves me (and I'm sure loads of others) feeling REALLY confused, and not entirely understanding what the song is about. Even people who, say, have a second language as English and a first as Turkish or whatever won't be able to grasp it all entirely!

Why not tune in on BBC 1 and watch the antics of mad europeans??? (or, perhaps more to the point, WHY?)

School is out, and as the sad old man cleans the floor for yet another evening, I walk away quite happy.

GCSEs are just round the corner, but who cares? A bit of revision ought to put an end to any nerves. I just need to start revising though. That's the biggest problem. I mean, honestly, who can actually say that they enjoy it? No one? Thought so.

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