busterTests.co.uk is Up! “5”

Even though it's not much, you can still see this lovely splash screen. Hopefully it will give you more of an idea as to what BusterTests is all about... bustertests.co.uk.

Finding a Good Source of Revenue “2”

If you are, like me, starting up a new website which you believe will be accessed often by a large amount of people, you may be interesting in finding out how to monetize your hits.

There are a wide variety of ways to do this, but one of the best is to simply sign up with Google Ads. You site has to be of decent quality, but it can be a rather decent source of income once it's all up and running.

Another type of advertising you may not have considered is sponsorship. It requires more work to set up, and you must have a solid user demographic to offer the potential sponsor, along with a good amount of statistics about your hits, but it can prove to be very worthwhile. It offers the possibility for you to arrange a fixed amount per month for constant adspace for the sponsor, which on a better site can mean loads more than pay-per-click adverts.

The MySQL v. XML Mental Brawl “0”

I have literally been wrestling with myself metally over the past few days on what could, to the average guy, not seem important or substantial at all. It's all about what technique I will use to build BusterTests's testing system; namely the storage of the test information. MySQL or XML.

Which is it to be? Well, to say that I have no experience whatsoever of XML, but know it's benefits of flat-fileness and future-proofability. On the other hand is MySQL, of which I have a decent working knowledge, but have to grapple with the strain it puts on the hoster's servers, and the possibility of it all going wrong.

In the end, I think I am just going to have to be a bit lazy. MySQL it is. XML is far too confusing for me right now. I'll probably realize that it's majorly simple next month and regret picking MySQL. Unfortunately, I need the site working! Now!

New Woman Enters Big Brother “0”

A new woman named Becki has entered the Big Brother UK house. I really should have seen it coming, since it has happened for the last few years now, but I was a good surprise!

You can read more about Becki on Channel 4's Big Brother website.

England Loses - Reason: Mole “1”

Thanks to b3ta.com.

Sixth Form Induction & Beyond “0”

Today was our Sixth Form induction day. I should have had it yesterday, but I had an Economics exam so I had to do it today.

It went really well, and was reasonably interesting. I had short lessons in Media Studies, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics, which gave us short descriptions of the courses and a varying amount of homework.

I have to say that I feel rather bad about doing Media Studies. It is generally looked down upon, but I have a real interest in the subject and I think that I will probably do well in it (being a web designer etc.).

There were loads of new people at the induction today, mainly from Weston. One thing I was interested in was the way that our tutor groups are now year 12 and year 13, which lets us mingle with the older student and get to understand what "they are going through". It should be a very interesting September.

Until then, however, I plan to keep myself super-busy. I am already developing the new ground-breaking (hopefully) site busterTests.co.uk, which will launch soon enough.

It's All Over “1”

Finally! After one mother of an Economics exam, I am free from the horrible experience that is GCSE.

I actually think I did quite well in that exam, and am rather pleased with myself that I could answer all of the questions presented to me. For once.

Whether or not I got the right answer is another matter...

Get Firefox! “0”

Get FirefoxI just would like to say what a brilliant internet browser Firefox is. I thoroughly recommend it. It has so many good features, is so secure, is brilliantly lightweight and simply on the cutting edge of technology. Firefox is free, and takes only a few minutes to download.

After a while, you will realize that Microsoft's Internet Explorer (whatever version) is a terrible attempt, and you will probably try to steer clear of it altogether.

Oh, and if you think you are simply "not the type" to be downloading things like new browsers, I can assure you that you will benefit from installing Firefox. It even imports all of your IE favorites, just in case you worried...

Only One Exam Left “0”

Yesss! The last exam is well within sight! Roll on Economics!

I imagine there are only a few hundred students in the UK who are taking the AQA Economics exam at 9.00am tomorrow. It is a rather dull subject, and I do wish that I did Business Studies instead. But I should just get on with it I revise, I suppose.

GCSE Students Revolt “0”

Just down the road, you can see what happens when GCSE students revolt against their school in a mature and practical manner.

There is a message to be learnt from all of this: Don't take away our study leave!

The Edexcel "History C" P2 Exam “0”

I am very tired and stressed out right now. Comfort eating and sleep are about to grip me.

That exam was a bit of a hard one. Eight questions, one and three quarter hours and 60 possible marks. At the end of it, I wrote a (personal) record 8 pages (one page for each question).

Oddly enough, I wrote more for the first question than I did for any other question, despite its lower possible marks. By the time I got to the end I was very tired, only had 10 minutes left and not quire able to do a 12 mark question, but I managed to get in a page of concise answering which should have done the trick.

BusterTests.co.uk Underway! “0”

My little (hopefully to be large) secret project is now well and truly underway! Soon enough I hope to be serving thousands of users a day with the site. But what will go on the website? How dynamic will it be? How helpful will the website be to it's users? What on earth is it? Why is it called "busterTests"?

All of these questions and more will be answered soon enough. Just make sure you're reading The Record Card, for an inside glance into the making of a powerful website.

gMail - After a Day “0”

My verdict on Gmail so far is that it is actually very useful, and far more sophisticated that I thought it would have been.

It relies on heavy use of JavaScript, which makes it rather versatile and lightning fast. The way in which it handles conversations is advanced, but it does need some tweaking and extra options added onto it.

Today I had the privilege of reading out my new address to a technical administrator of my hosting company (who decided to not tell me about Natnif.com being up for renewal). When I finished the challenging and somewhat embarrassing first part, out loud and clear came those beautiful sounds - "at gee mail dot com".

The response was a surprised a impressed gasp: "gee mail?!?!?!". Ahh, the little things.

History, Repeating “0”

It's just as last night. But this time I can't find all my important notes on prison reform and what have you!

Which kind of ruins my entire plan...

Time to Relax? “1”

With the Edexcel GCSE Physics exam out of the way, I can now look at relaxing a bit more. Wait a second! What am I saying?!?! I've got a History exam tomorrow! Economics is on Thursday as well! This is no time to be sitting down, waddling about blogging and such!

Hmmm... I fancy some chilli, chips and cheese. I'm off to comfort eat now... See ya' lay-der!

The Secret of the GCSE Physics B - A* “0”

Hmmm lets see. What can I surely say is the best way to prepare yourself for your GCSE Physics exam?
  1. Have a bath
    It's 11.00pm now and I am about to have a nice, hot bath. In addition to a bath I would recommend that you...

  2. Go though example exams
    Because it's a nice, easy way of getting that information into your brain and relaxing you at the same time! Once you have had your lovely bath and gone through a test paper (with the answers at hand)...

  3. Take two Nytol
    For a good sleep. Which is essential.

Whoop! I gat me a bit ow tha Gmayal! “1”

Many thanks an a bit of eternal gratitude goes to Sir Pig (hmmm...) over at The Infected Papercut (http://dooeypig.blogspot.com/) for getting my a Gmail account! Thanks a lot!!!

Unfortunately Gmail isn't quite working at the moment, but y'all can email me!

Farmer Maggot & Company “0”

While looking for funny names for people, I found a list of Tolkien names. The list is there just in case parents, taken aback by the movies, wish to name their new born child "Aragorn" or something like that.

Curiously enough, such delightful titles as "Farmer Maggot", "Meriadoc Brandybuck" and "Mr. Butterbur" appear on the list. I can just imagine the delivery now...

Physics Schmizics “0”

I have a one and a half hour physics test tomorrow at 9.00am. I haven't really revised at all for it yet, but hopefully I'll be alright. I am just going over some questions now on the BBC Bitesize website. It will just jog my memory of the subject a bit. Which will do.

Big Brother "Bad For Healh" of Contestants “0”

The "of Contestants" part of the title is left out of the actual news headline. Read this interesting article from the Independent.

Big Brother's Emma Will Not Return “0”

The Big Brother producers have decided that Emma will not return to the house. Instead, she will be interviewed by Davina on Sunday's Big Brother show, to be aired at 9.00pm.

I think that this is quite sad, as I would have liked Emma to win (and think that she would have). But she did start a lot of rows and it's all probably for the best, when you think about it.

The Channel 4 Statement
The Housemates' Reaction
The Reuters Report

iRaq “4”

This is an excellent example of using popular culture to get at more pressing world issues. I wonder where you can download them from?

Big Brother Eviction "Postponed" “0”

Interesting events in the BB5 house have led to tonight's eviction being canceled.

It's all to do about the brawl the erupted the other day. As good as it was, perhaps it was a bit of a new low for television.

Read more from Ananova or see the BB5 Press Release. You can even read a bit of Australian coverage.

Just Google It! “0”

I love Google!Google's exciting new Gmail is kicking up a storm on the internet. Do a search for "Gmail" and you'll find loads of controversial stuff about it.

I'd still quite like an account with Gmail, though.

By the way, that's quite a large hint to anyone out there who can invite people into Gmail.

Colour Me... Err... “1”

I'd really like one of these colour charts. It might just brighten up my room a little!

It's all Camera & Action... “0”

Wow! Big Bro was explosive last night! I can't wait to watch the edited version tonight on Channel 4 (10.00pm!).

Tomorrow I have my only GCSE Drama exam, and I don't like the sound of it at all. It's all just a little too much for me. We get to bring in two sheets of A4 into the exam full of notes, but I'm not sure what to write on them. Unfortunately.

Big Brother: Serious “0”

Wow! Serious fighting is going on the the BB house, and Victor is seriously loosing it!

He pushed Nadia across the room and Jason has threatened to kill Marco! It sure does pay to stay up late!

Flashy Photography “3”

If this isn't a good picture of a sunset I don't know what is.

I'm seriously thinking about getting it framed.

All Is Good “1”

Just to say, the last few days of exams have actually been alright. Which is a welcome change! Only 5 to go...

A New Design “0”

All web designers get it. It's the burning desire to change the design of your site, and I've decided to give into the desire.

The main reason is that I am a little bored with this design. It's a really great one, don't get me wrong, and I've customized it quite a bit, but it's just not me.

Look out for the new design soon!

Search Engine Pride II “0”

It's nice to know that you are appreciated. Possibly because of the 2-1 France win over England on Sunday, a search for "Horah !" was entered into Google Francais and turned up my site. The actual post it turned up has noting to do with the word "Horah" whatsoever.

It's strange how search engines work. See for yourself. Search for "Horah !" on Google Francy.

My Hand Be Dead “0”

After 3 and a half hours of solid examination (2 hours of which was a English test, and involved frantic use of the had), my hand be dead.

I can just about manage to type. But it's at about 2 letters per minute. Mavis beacon (or 'Mage' to her mates) would be spinning in her grave...

Big Brother: It's Gettin' Good! “1”

Wow. So much has happened since I last posted about Big Brother here that my head my fall off soon. You really should be watching it if you live in the UK - check out Channel 4's website for details!

I would just like to say that I was watching it last night at about 3.00am, and Emma was going absolutely mental in the bedsit over victor, threatening to to "twat him one". It was hilarious, even though most of the sound was cut off.

I really hope they show that tonight, it was seriously one of the best moments from BB5 so far. They haven't reported it on their website yet, so I wonder if they don't want to make too much a fuss about it. Tune in tonight at 10pm to see if they cover it!

Money For All! “0”

I have just remembered that I have made a small donation (with the emphasis on small) to w.bloggar, the brilliant software that I am using to blog right now!

As well as that, the other day I donated some money over the internet to Oxfam! Wow. I'm such a donation-machine! On the other hand, the donations were only $2 and £1 respectively, so it's not too much to holler about.

Winnings! Beautiful, Beautiful Winnings! “0”

I would just like to announce that I have won the Weston Murcury's competition for two Odeon tickets.

I entered on the website, and have to confess I have never really read a copy.

But I feel quite lucky, and that may be because I won £12 on a scratch card the other day. Which is rather good, I think! (Well... given the odds.)

And how did I spend my £11 profit? Why, on a great "Area A" seat I got on the cheap last minute at the Bristol Old Vic! I went to see a play for the drama exam I have to do, which was quite interesting. It was alright - but the usual problem of me not understanding the plot came into play. I got the jist, though. That should be enough for me to write 10 pages about in the exam. 1 page of truth, 9 pages of lies, 10 pages of waffle. (In mathematical terms, t + 9l = 10w. *sigh* This is what revision does to you.)

The EdExcel RE Short Course Exam “0”

I don't really have too much to say about this exam. I deliberately didn't revise - I don't really have high opinions about the half-GCSE in RE we'll get if we do it.

I made up most of the answers I gave. But there were quite convincing ones, so it shouldn't be much of a problem.

I did learn, however, that our exam administrator (who shall remain anonymous) can't read a clock properly - he looked at the clock and said "you've got 5 minutes left", and then when swarmed upon by the invigilators said, jokingly,"oh not really... I meant one minute left."

Also, on Thursday I had a WJEC English (Paper 1) exam which was predictably dull. The story we had to analyse was about this South African couple, and was completely pointless.

Richard Does It Again! “0”

Believe it or not, Richard, from the much acclaimed "Richard & Judy" TV show on Channel 4, has dropped yet another stinker on live TV!

Now I know it's not much, but it can't be right to say "Do you remember that DYKE we met in America, Judy?" in the early evening in front of millions of housewives and children, can it?

Richard & JudyOf course, he instantly went into "cover-up-the-shame mode" and went on to say how nice she was. Judy was gobsmacked, probably thinking "you stupid bastard", or something along those lines. But really I think that Richard's occasional slip-ups are what really make that programme exciting. Will he or won't he do again it tomorrow? Who knows! You'll just have to tune in!

I would also like as many people as possible to email comments.rj@cactustv.co.uk to complain and demand an apology on TV tomorrow from Richard. I suggest you make out that you are completely disgusted by that language, and that your "children" have already started to repeat it, to your dismay.

The AQA Maths Non-Calculator Exam “1”

Serious drama today. Bad drama, though. Today we had our first maths exam, and with it came quite a unique event for our school.

Someone decided to set fire to a tree in our school, right next to the hall where we were having our exam. I had just sat down to take the exam, and was minutes from opening the paper to start. I was in my coveted exam-mode; fully concentrated and all mathematical and ... riiiing! The bastard bell went off, as half the school was still coming into the hall. The teachers went into a state of panic and, like frenzied ants, ran around telling us to stay in our seats. Just about all the students either laughed or got angry. I laughed, but it was a nervous one.

Eventually the stressed ants ushered us out of the hall, where I had to sit on the field with the rest of the school. NOTELESS. I couldn't revise or recap, and it stressed me out a lot. Someone made the jokey remark, "Oh I can just FEEL the information pouring out of my brain!" But I literally could.

Eventually we sat back down in the hall and got on with the test. I was under control, but only just. I got to about question 13 (out of 22), and thought I was doing quite well when, to my horror, the bell went off again. This time someone had set it off deliberately (they were later permanently expelled), but it was all I needed to put me over the edge. My brain actually melted. The ants went back into panic mode, and everyone decided to fidget and drop things from that point until the end of the exam.

Oh, the horror. I couldn't even get my brain to try to answer some of the questions, let alone give the correct one. So about half of the paper is now incomplete. Which is seriously bad, considering I want (well... you know) to do it at A-Level, and can't unless I get a "B" - which that test most certainly was not! What's my solution? Try REALLY hard on the next test to make it up, and hopefully my coursework will help a bit as well.

The stress of it all. Why do we even bother?

The EdExcel Biology H Exam “0”

How predictably dull. The highpoint of the exam seemed to be the first question, which was about pill-sied cameras in the stomach for finding cancers. After that it all seemed to go down hill.

Darn “0”

I missed the Saturday challenge yesterday, which is a bit disappointing. But I was having a good time somewhere else. Which is good.

link Big Brother: Kitten Is Evicted “0”

Kitten and EmmaThank the lordy. Or should we? Anarchist turned complete schitz Kitten has been evicted, rather forceful, from the BB house. It was funny, let's just leave it at that.

I have to say I wanted her to go, but what will this mean for the shows entertainment value? Will Marco & Emma, Dan & Jason and Stuart & Michelle keep us entertained. Hopefully. Probably.

I can't wait for the tabloids tomorrow...

My Search Engine Pride “0”

Thanks to reInvigorate's amazing services, I am proud to announce that I come 8 in a search for "gcse exam" motivational quotes on Google.

Thank you very much, whoever visited this blog though that search. I can understand your fear and need to be motivated into doing well in your GCSE's, but I have to say that I am almost certainly the last person you should be coming to for exam motivation.

Perhaps you should try a TV celebrity... what about Mr. Motivator. If he does what he's called, that might be a decent solution!

"The Day After Tomorrow" “4”

...is shit. Don't go and see it, unless you like movies about weather. Heh.

A proper review may or may not follow. It depends. If it snows the day after tomorrow (A.k.a Sunday)... I might. But don't hold me to that!

Film Time! “1”

I'm off to see Troy tonight with the lovely Walrus! It should be good. I hope for lots of Kung Fu but I am doubtful, as it is set nowhere near china. Oh well...

Bo' Selecta 3 “0”

A new season of the brilliant "Bo' Selecta 3" is on it's way to Channel 4, "soon". I can't wait - it looks very funny already! And to think some people ask me why the hell Channel 4 is my favourite channel...

Hmmm... More Antics “0”

Kitten and Emma.

Oh what fun!

link Is It Cool? Is It Flash? “0”

A totally stunning site. Not really interesting to most, but nice design.

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